Vehicle Wrap, Lewisville, NC

A high-quality vehicle wrap will turn your company car into effective mobile advertising.

Vehicle Wrap
Here at Ad Runner, we understand that you want to grow your business, and that takes effective advertising. One of the challenges when it comes to advertising is deciding on the best use of your money—broadcast ads, print, billboards? One format that many of our customers find effective is our custom vehicle wraps. These are films that display your business’ branding applied to your company cars or even your whole fleet, which then raise awareness of your brand wherever they go. Our team has the right experience and equipment to create an attractive, eye-catching vehicle wrap to help you draw new customers to your business.

The Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Your Fleet

At Ad Runner, we want you to think of us as a partner in your Lewisville, North Carolina company and a valuable one, at that. Our experience puts us in the ideal position to make recommendations that can boost your sales, increase your customer base, improve your image and reputation, and so much more. As part of those goals, we have some ideas on how you could benefit by putting a vehicle wrap on each of the service vehicles in your company’s fleet.

  • Expand Customer Base– As your fleet vehicles are more noticeable with one of our high-quality vehicle wraps, more people will reach out to you. They’ll see you as very professional and trustworthy when your vehicle wrap captures their attention over and over again.
  • Look Bigger Than You Are– You could have a fleet of just a half dozen vehicles, but when you make them stand out with vehicle wraps so they’re spotted every time they handle service calls, it will seem that you have even more vehicles. You can expand this image by putting a vehicle wrap on more than your service vehicles, such as your personal vehicle, sales team vehicles, and more.
  • Reach Targeted Neighborhoods– Having trouble getting established in a particular neighborhood? Gated communities, in particular, can be a real challenge. However, one or two visits to the area in a fleet vehicle with an eye-catching vehicle wrap, and you’ll start seeing more business from there. If it isn’t a gated community, you can just instruct your team to drive through now and then to gain exposure.

As you may imagine, printing a vehicle wrap requires specialized equipment designed for this irregular format. In addition, printing quality vehicle wraps also requires experience in graphic design, file conversion, and large format printing in general, which not every print shop can offer. Fortunately, our team at Ad Runner has all of these—not only will our equipment print your images in beautiful, complete color and detail, but our team will first use our design expertise to create the ideal combination of text and images to set your branding in the best light.

Our team here at Ad Runner is proud to serve the Lewisville, North Carolina community, and we want to help you grow your business. With our vehicle wraps’ crisp images and smooth, durable finish, you can attract new customers to your business just by driving around as part of your normal operations. Give us a call today to find out more about what a vehicle wrap can do for you.


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Here at Ad Runner, we know that entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to advertise their businesses. We also know that, no matter the nature of your business, you most likely have to do some driving as part of its everyday operations.

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Vehicle Wrap
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