5 Effective Ways to Use Mobile Billboards

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If you’ve been looking into advertising costs for your business, you are probably aware that using mobile billboards is one of your most cost-effective options.  When compared with TV commercials and online advertisements, mobile billboards are downright affordable! But how can you make sure that your advertisements are really attracting new customers? How can you know that your design is …

Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards Get Your Message Out There!

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There are many different applications where someone has a message they want to bring to the masses. It could be to make everyone aware of the new business you opened, a great new product you’re developing, or even a passionate call to action for a cause you want to support. Mobile billboards provide that blank canvas for using your imagination, …

Mobile Ad Campaign in Jacksonville, Florida Update

Ad Runner Mobile Billboard Truck Campaigns

Ad Runner Mobile Outdoor Advertising is half way through week 4 of a 40 day mobile billboard truck campaign that we have been doing with Guerrilla Billboards in Jacksonville, Florida advertising for Ashley Furniture.  No length of time is too short or too long for us to run.  We can run the billboard trucks almost any area that mobile billboard …