Vehicle Wrap

Types of Businesses a Vehicle Wrap Can Help

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While any business benefits from utilizing as many marketing methods as possible, some types have a different challenge in front of them. They don’t offer products or services that are considered “consumables” – in other words, things you’d need regularly. Instead, they do things you might need only one or two times in a lifetime so their focus is on …

mobile billboard truck advertising

Ad Runner’s Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising Helps You Reach Out to a Wider Audience

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At Ad Runner, we understand that having a great message and advertising campaign is only effective if you can get it in front of your target audience. With our mobile billboards, vehicle wraps, and other services, you’ll be able to pinpoint a detailed demographic based on your marketing research. If you have been missing out on the best areas because …

Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

Reasons Why Retail Stores Need Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

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Consumers have changed quite a bit in recent years, which has made retail companies scrambling to come up with successful marketing tools to keep their sales numbers going in the right direction. Anything that can create interest in your store, whether it be just a brick and mortar location or one with online sales too, is going to equate to …

Mobile Billboard Truck

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile Billboard Truck

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Why do people come to your restaurant? Because they are hungry! While more is involved into why they’d choose you over someone else, the key component to their decision is that they are hungry and want that need satisfied. As a restaurant, anything you can do to tempt their appetite is going to boost business. A mobile billboard truck traveling …

Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards Get Your Message Out There!

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There are many different applications where someone has a message they want to bring to the masses. It could be to make everyone aware of the new business you opened, a great new product you’re developing, or even a passionate call to action for a cause you want to support. Mobile billboards provide that blank canvas for using your imagination, …

2018 High Point Spring Furniture Market

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Two times a year, furniture manufacturers from around the world gather in High Point, North Carolina for one week in what is known as the High Point Furniture Market.  Ad Runner spends the weeks before the market installing banners for clients and then run Mobile Billboard Campaigns the week of the market.  If you visit the market, you are guaranteed …

Student March in Washington D.C.

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On March 24, 2018 students from around the country came together to voice their concerns about the violence that has been occurring in schools across the country.  Although there were different messages, there was one cohesive goal; to raise awareness that something needs to be done to make our schools safe again.  A group of cartoonists who wish to remain …

Two City Mobile Billboard Campaign for G2 Crowd

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During mid-January, we were contacted by G2 Crowd to campaign in Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA. They had a unique campaign as they wanted to let the consumer know about some of the winners of the Best Software Companies of 2018 as voted on by customers. What better way to get a message out than with a 10ft x …

Spirit Airlines Pilots

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The Air Line Pilots Association has been working with Spirit Airline’s Pilots trying to get them new contracts and secure their jobs. We are running mobile billboard trucks in various cities helping them get their message across. Thus far, we have been to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut and Pittsburgh International Airport, PA. Have you seen the billboard trucks?