Most of us have been in situations where our group is walking or driving around town when we decide to get something to eat but aren’t sure where to go. The same thing might happen when you’re on your own on a lunch break, wanting to try something different but can’t think of what else to try. When it comes to restaurants, people are always looking for ideas. Advertisements help with this, but how do you make sure your ads are seen?

  1. Mobile advertising trucks reach multiple viewpoints: Your restaurant may be beautiful and have great food, but no one will come if they don’t know it’s there. While you can’t move your restaurant around, mobile advertising trucks can reach multiple viewpoints while using only one billboard.
  2. Mobile advertising trucks are eye catching: Our brains want to read what we see. When a large truck drives by with a delicious looking plate of food, people’s eyes are drawn, and their curiosity is caught. Chances are, if the drivers and passengers are ready for food, they’ll give the ad consideration.
  3. Reach targeted audiences: If there are places around town where many workers are taking their lunch breaks at certain times or where busy families might be while looking for the best place to feed their family, we can create a route that reaches them. Our mobile advertising trucks can be where you want them when you want them.

Working with a talented marketing team to create the perfect billboard is a great business move. Using that team to bring your advertisements directly to your customers at optimal times is even better. Contact us today at Ad Runner to learn how our mobile truck advertising can help your restaurant.