We have been busy installing banners and signs this week in High Point, NC.  Twice a year, people from all over the world join together and do all things related to furniture and home decor.  It is the mecca of interior design and a dream come true for interior designers.  Each market has its challenges and this year with Hurricane Matthew headed towards the east coast, we had no idea what type of weather we were going to be in for.  We got an early start and luckily, we only has 2 days of rain and winds.  We have been blessed with beautiful weather and we were able to sneak some photos of what is to come at this year’s Fall Market!  Here are some neat facts about the market:

  • 180 Buildings
  • 11.5 Million Square Feet of Showspace
  • 75,000 Attendees Each Market
  • More Than 2000 Exhibitors
  • 100+ Countries Represented
  • Tens of Thousands of New Product Introductions
  • Approximately 10% of Attendees Are International

For more information about the High Point Furniture Market, please visit http://www.highpointmarket.org