Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising, Boston, MA

We are confident you’ll reach more people and they’ll remember your message with our mobile billboard truck advertising.

There are several reasons why mobile billboard truck advertising is such a highly effective marketing tool. Here at Ad Runner, we are always happy to discuss the benefits of our mobile billboards with businesses in the Boston, Massachusetts area that are looking to reach their target audience. We are confident that once you see the success that can be achieved, you’ll join the ranks of our many customers since 2003 that continue to use mobile billboard truck advertising for optimal benefits.

One key advantage that our mobile billboard truck advertising provides over standard, stationary billboards is the flexibility of getting to target areas more successfully and changing to new areas for maximum top of mind awareness. The more your message is received, the more it is retained in the mind of your potential customers. By seeing your advertising for several minutes in traffic versus a split second in passing, the message can go from short-term memory to long-term memory and then be recalled when it is time to consider a purchase. It will also drive interest and the purchasing decision when they see the mobile billboard truck advertising repeatedly.

The combination of getting your message out to as many people as possible and getting them to remember it is powerful. Add to that our GPS tracking that gives you proof of performance that you can use throughout your marketing campaign and you have a highly effective plan of action you’ll be able to gauge.