Mobile Billboard Trucks for Sale

Ad Runner Used Trucks for Sale

Ad Runner custom fabricates all of our trucks in house on a Chevy Express 3500 chassis. The trucks listed below have been built and used by us and are available to purchase. For more information on our used trucks for sale, please contact or call 1-844-5 BIGADS (844-524-4237). 2014 with approx. 97,000 miles: $32,000 2017 with approx. 12,000 miles: …

Tips for Creating Effective Banners

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When faced with the task of designing an advertising banner for your company or event, you might not know where to begin. Banners can be an effective way to increase awareness around your local community. Whether you are trying to bring in more customers, hosting a non-profit event, or hosting a community gathering, banners will help you to reach more …

5 Printing Services that Can Boost Your Business

5 Printing Services that Can Boost Your Business

Ad Runner Advertising and Printing Blog

Even in today’s digital world, printing isn’t a thing of the past! In fact, many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of digital information they consume daily, and businesses can use this to their advantage with traditional printing services. Here are five printing services we offer here at Ad Runner that can boost your business: 1.  Window graphics—When people walk …

you might want to try mobile billboard truck advertising

Using Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising to Reach Your Demographic

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Are you not seeing the results you want from your marketing campaigns? Are you tired of spending money, but not seeing the returns? Do you want more brand and product recognition? If you are trying to make more effective use of your advertising, you might need to think outside the advertising box. Mobile billboard truck advertising is not your mama’s …

Banners and signs can give your audience access

Marketing with Banners and Signs

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When it comes to marketing, your options are practically endless! In order to get your message out to your target audience, it helps to have a few different methods of advertising out there for maximum exposure. Some of the most effective methods of advertising are also the ones that have the most exposure, including banners and signs. In order to …

Vehicle Wrap

Types of Businesses a Vehicle Wrap Can Help

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While any business benefits from utilizing as many marketing methods as possible, some types have a different challenge in front of them. They don’t offer products or services that are considered “consumables” – in other words, things you’d need regularly. Instead, they do things you might need only one or two times in a lifetime so their focus is on …

mobile billboard truck advertising

Ad Runner’s Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising Helps You Reach Out to a Wider Audience

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At Ad Runner, we understand that having a great message and advertising campaign is only effective if you can get it in front of your target audience. With our mobile billboards, vehicle wraps, and other services, you’ll be able to pinpoint a detailed demographic based on your marketing research. If you have been missing out on the best areas because …