If you are considering billboard advertising for your business, why not consider the possibilities of mobile billboards? There are many reasons to consider mobile billboards instead of traditional stationary ones. With the right text, graphics, message and target area, mobile billboards are a highly effective and cost-effective advertising strategy.

Here are just a few of the ways in which mobile billboards outperform traditional ones:

  • Avoid restrictions: There are many limitations on where stationary billboards can be located. They may also be limited to certain sizes.
  • More flexible and customizable: It is easier to switch out the messages on mobile billboards, allowing you to adjust your advertising as needed. Backlit lighting systems and onboard speakers allow your message to be seen and heard day and night by pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, passengers and anyone else in the area.
  • Greater recall: Studies have shown that mobile billboards are remembered more than stationary ones. The movement seems to imprint the message in the memory. Size matters as well when trying to strategically advertise your business.

Mobile billboards can be customized from the design of the advertisements to the route your trucks follow. Whether you are looking to advertise a new location, a special sale, a new or improved product, or a special event, mobile advertising can give you a serious competitive edge. You can even have your trucks use a route near your competitors. Mobile billboards are a unique and noticeable option that really works when it comes to getting people in your targeted area to remember your business.