Mobile billboards are growing in popularity, and it isn’t hard to see why. Mobile billboards are one of the most effective ways of advertising for the lowest cost, so many businesses are choosing this route. As a business owner, we know how important each dollar is to the success of your company. That’s why it is vital that you invest in the advertising venue that will give you the most return per dollar spent. We highly suggest mobile billboards for our customers because they absolutely will give you the return you are looking for. They provide some important benefits over traditional, static billboards because of the following:

  • They can reach more people because of the freedom to move. A truck can move your billboard around to where you want it instead of having it in a single location and hoping that people drive by.
  • Having your advertisement directly on eye level makes it more visible. Drivers and passengers in cars are more likely to see it, as well as pedestrians that may be walking by.
  • Mobile billboards cost less while being more effective. Advertising prices are measured by “cost per impression” (CPM), which is lower for mobile billboards than their static counterpoints. CPMs for mobile billboards are much much lower than any type of online or TV ad as well.