Political yard signs are an effective method of getting information out

What You Need to Know About Placing Political Yard Signs

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During election season and voting time, it seems like political yard signs are popping up on people’s lawns faster than daisies in the springtime! Political yard signs are an effective method of getting information out there about a particular subject or individual running for office, and they aren’t likely to go away any time soon. Even though political yard signs can reach the point during the fall where they feel as though they are multiplying all on their own, there are a few things that you should know about political yard signs. Here are a few of the basics.

First, permission is needed before placing and removing political yard signs. Even if you hate the candidate or a particular ballot measure, you are not allowed to remove a political yard sign from someone else’s yard or a public area. Likewise, a candidate or individual will need permission from the landowner or selectman before placing political yard signs in a person’s yard or on public properties.

Second, political yard signs cannot be placed just anywhere. This means that even though they feel like they are everywhere, there are actually very few places where political yard signs can be placed legally. This is why you will see many different political yard signs pop up and congregate in one key public area. It’s not because they are keeping each other company; it’s because it’s is one of the few legal locations!

Finally, in many states, candidates are required to remove their own political yard signs after the date of election. Laws vary across states, so you will need to check your own legal requirements of political yard signs and their removal.

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