With the proliferation of smart phones and apps, advertising is becoming an entirely different business than it was just a few years ago. Putting your ad in the paper or the phone book isn’t going to work for you nearly as well as it once did, partially because today’s generation uses neither of those things (and many have never even looked through a phone book!). Mobile billboard truck advertising is a great way to get your advertisements out there and create name and logo recognition. With Ad Runner on your side, you can change your outdated advertising methods into something that is effective and a great solution for your company. What makes mobile billboard truck advertising with Ad Runner so effective? Let’s take a look.

First, we make sure that we target your key demographics. While there are lots of mobile billboards out there, our drivers make sure to go the extra mile to get your message out there. We have had drivers stop to allow people to take pictures and post your billboard on social media platforms, allowing for further spreading of your message.

Second, we ensure that all our drivers are safety-conscious and responsible. The last thing you want is your mobile billboard associated with an accident or poor driving, so we make sure our drivers are safe and well-vetted.

Third, we are reliable. Mobile billboard truck advertising doesn’t work if we don’t go where we are supposed to at the appropriate times. By earning our reputation as reliable and trustworthy, we are able to get your message out there with mobile billboard truck advertising.

To learn more about the advantages of pairing mobile billboard truck advertising with Ad Runner, please contact us today.