Tips for Creating Effective Banners

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When faced with the task of designing an advertising banner for your company or event, you might not know where to begin. Banners can be an effective way to increase awareness around your local community. Whether you are trying to bring in more customers, hosting a non-profit event, or hosting a community gathering, banners will help you to reach more of your target audience. However, there is a difference in how successful your banner can be based on the design. To help you design an effective banner that will get the attention and reactions you are looking for, we’ve put together a few tips:

  • Answer the “why?” with your banner. Make sure that your message is clear and that you know what point you are trying to make. Your audience should be able to read and understand your banner in the few seconds it takes to pass it by.
  • Pay attention to your font. You want a mix of readability, attention grabbing, and that “coolness” factor for maximum effect.
  • Choose your background carefully. You want the background to be simple and not take away from your printed message. Take into consideration the color of your font and make sure your words remain readable. Don’t let your background get too crowded or confusing, but don’t be afraid to use a bright solid color if that jives with your message.
  • Select images wisely. If you use an image, choose one that would encourage viewers to want the product you are selling or want to be at the event you are advertising. It could be a stock photo, professional photography, or even clipart. Just make sure it is a high-quality image that will print clearly at a larger size.