If you have a wall space that would be perfect for advertising, you may be wondering how to best utilize this free space. Should you paint over your existing wall colors, post lots of signage, or try a wall mural to get the attention of the passerby? Wall mural printing can be a great option for just such a situation. Not only can wall murals be added in a variety of locations and on walls of just about any size, but they are eye-catching and are sure to create a buzz when people see the new artwork waiting there. While you can certainly use wall mural printing outdoors, here are three unique indoor locations for wall mural printing:

1. Conference Rooms – Especially if your business routinely has sales meetings or welcomes outside businesses into your conference rooms, having a wall mural can be a great asset. Not only can you display information in large print and bold coloring, but wall mural printing can also sometimes put visitors to your business at ease. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?

2. Hallways – Whether it’s school rules or your company’s values, hallways are an often neglected space that could be filled with information and color. Wall mural printing is ideal for this type of location because of the freedom with which the hallway can be utilized for advertising and information of all types.

3. Entryways – Many buildings and businesses can benefit from wall mural printing in their entryways. Why? Maybe a restaurant wants to display its menu on the wall, or a shared business office needs to display a map and directions to individual businesses. Entryways are a great way to ensure that visitors to a location know exactly what to expect and where they need to go.

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