If you are from the Triad of North Carolina, you are probably familiar with the radio stations Rock 92.3 and 107.5 KZL. Chris Kelly from Rock 92 and Jason Goodman from 107.5 KZL have a a Superbowl prank war going on for several years. Let me give you a little but of a back story before we begin. Chris Kelly is a Denver Broncos fan and Jason (the Littlest Patriot) is a arguably the biggest New England Patriot’s fan ever! After the Broncos won Superbowl 50, Chris Kelly had a real donkey hanging out in Jason’s office waiting for his arrival. The donkey loved it so much he used Jason’s office as a restroom. Fast forward to the AFC Championship game this football season. As soon as the Patriots were set to win, Jason Goodman sent out invites to a Superbowl party at his house and began the preparations for the big game. Chris Kelly always has a party no matter who is in the Superbowl (from my understanding). Soon after Jason sent out invites for his party, the “party war” began. Chris began inviting Jason’s guests to his party. Jason upped his game by offering complimentary gifts to everyone who attended and even had door prizes. Jason snuck in a commercial on Chris Kelly’s show advertising that his party was the #1 Superbowl party in the Triad and even got Chris’ wife in on the commercial. Wanting the “put the nail in the coffin” and finish out with a bang, Jason had Ad Runner create an ad to go along with his commercial and follow Chris everywhere he went Friday 2/3/17. We began by parking outside his office while he was on air. Hundreds of people heard we were there and drove by to see the truck and take photos. Once Chris got off work, we followed him until he went home for the day. Not stopping there, we finished up the weekend with the truck at Jason’s party last night where Neill McNeill from Fox 8 News came and filmed a Facebook Live video of the truck and what it was like at the #1 Superbowl Party in the Triad!

We have links to the videos below. Feel free to share as this was probably the most memorable ad campaigns we have ever done here at Ad Runner. Thanks to Jason Goodman, 107.5 KZL, Chris Kelly, and Rock 92 for being great sports and so much fun to work with throughout this entire process.

107.5 KZL’s Facebook video following Chris Kelly

Trolling Chris Kelly with Jason Goodman's Super Bowl Mobile Billboard! Promoting Jason Goodman's party over his own!

Posted by 1075 KZL on Friday, February 3, 2017

The final cut- YouTube Video