The Science Behind Mobile Advertising Trucks: Find out Why They Work!

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While everyone is familiar with your traditional billboards that sit along a highway, not everyone knows as much about mobile advertising trucks. Mobile advertising trucks are basically trucks that hold a billboard in the back and their main purpose is to advertise while driving through traffic. So, why would a truck be any different than a permanent roadside billboard? Let’s take a deeper look at how any why mobile advertising trucks work.

HOW They Work:

When a company hires a mobile advertising truck, they can request certain geographical areas for the truck to drive in to reach the target demographic. With a mobile billboard, a company has flexibility to reach multiple cities and neighborhoods instead of being limited to just one location and hoping your target audience drives by. Hiring a mobile advertising truck usually costs less than a traditional billboard as well, making it a very attractive option.

WHY They Work:

Because of the ability to drive to multiple cities, a mobile advertising truck can reach more potential customers than a static billboard. Think about rush hour in a busy city — all of those cars that are stuck on the road will be viewing whatever advertisements are stuck there with them.  Also, movement catches the eye and draws attention more than a still picture. This is why the new digital billboards are growing in popularity as well. Having your advertisement on the move gives you an edge over the competition.