Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

Reasons Why Retail Stores Need Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

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Consumers have changed quite a bit in recent years, which has made retail companies scrambling to come up with successful marketing tools to keep their sales numbers going in the right direction. Anything that can create interest in your store, whether it be just a brick and mortar location or one with online sales too, is going to equate to increased success. If you’ve overlooked mobile billboard truck advertising in your marketing campaign thus far, here are a few reasons why you should take another look.

  • Boost Holiday Sales – Many retail stores get a large percentage of their annual sales during the November and December shopping season. With savvy shoppers looking for the best deals, it makes sense that if you can show them you have what they need at great prices, they’ll be in line on Black Friday morning at your store instead of at your competitor. Create a graphic for mobile billboard truck advertising that lets them know what to expect and put your store in their memory because they’ve seen it around town for days or weeks ahead of time.

Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

  • Announce a New Location – Adding a new location is not without risk even if you already have one or more very successful stores. You are trying to capture loyalty from shoppers that may not have come to visit you because you were too far away, so they aren’t in a habit of shopping with you. To get them through the door the first time takes raising their awareness that you exist. Consider mobile billboard truck advertising right before a grand opening or any time in the weeks following opening to increase the chances of success for your new location.
  • Boost Online Sales – If you have noticed fewer shoppers in your store and have added an online shopping experience to help increase your revenues, the important thing is to get the word out that you have that option. It is also a great idea if you’ve seen your online sales lagging a bit. You can do mobile billboard truck advertising in your area or arrange for it to be done far outside your area to increase your market share.

If you have questions about mobile billboard truck advertising, give us a call at Ad Runner. We can help you set up specific routes, create the ideal message for the billboard trucks, and more to give your retail store the boost it needs to get those profits where you want them – going up!