Mobile Billboard Advertising in Lexington, NC

Mobile Billboards in Lexington, NC


  • 2010 US Census population of 18,931
  • Calls itself the Barbecue Capital of the World
  • Located 20 miles south of Winston Salem and part of the Piedmont Triad region of NC
  • US News and World Report listed Lexington as #4 on it’s list of best cities for barbecue in 2012
  • Lexington Style BBQ is made with pork shoulder cooked slowly over a hardwood fire, usually hickory. It is basted in a sauce (called “dip” locally) made with vinegar, ketchup, water, salt, pepper,  and other spices.  Each restaurant has it’s own secret recipe but vinegar is always in the recipe for Lexington style BBQ!
  • A distinguishing feature of Lexington BBQ sandwiches in the area is a red or barbecue slaw that is not made with mayonnaise, but with ketchup, vinegar, pepper, and cabbage and usually comes as a side or on the sandwich itself.
  • Since 1984. Lexington has hosted the annual Lexington BBQ Festival, one of the largest street festivals in NC.


All around Lexington, you will see life sized hand painted pig statues sitting outside businesses.  This was an public art initiative started in 2003 by a non-profit organization called “Pigs in the City.”  Local artists were commissioned to decorate a pig and then people pay to “sponsor” one of the pigs.  Pigs in the City has become an annual celebration that draws in thousands of people from all over North Carolina. The funds go to revitalize downtown Lexington.

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Mobile Billboard Advertising in Lexington, NC

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