Mobile Billboard Advertising in Columbus, OH

Mobile Billboards in Columbus, OH

We offer advertising in Columbus, Ohio as well as nearby Reynoldsburg, Westerville, Polaris, Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Pickirington, Delaware, Mansfield, Bexley, Whitehall, Dublin and Worthington with mobile outdoor media from Ad Runner. Call 1-844-5 BIG ADS (844-524-4237) to let our mobile billboards take your message to the streets….

Advertise at professional sporting events in Ohio with Mobile Billboards

Cincinnati Bengals (NFL) Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) Columbus Crew (MLS) Cleveland Browns(NFL) Cleveland Indians (MLB) Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) Cincinnati Reds (MLB) Cleveland Rockers (WNBA)

Columbus, Ohio was founded in 1812 and has beeb Ohio’s the state capital since 1816. Columbus has grown into the most populous city in the state of Ohio. Helping to facilitate this massive population growth has been the city’s tremendous land area expansion. Annexation has enabled Columbus to grow from 39.9 square miles in 1950 to over 225.9 square miles today

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Mobile Billboard Advertising in Columbus, OH

Mobile Billboard Advertising

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