Mobile Billboard Trucks for Sale

Ad Runner Used Trucks for Sale

Ad Runner custom fabricates all of our trucks in house on a Chevy Express 3500 chassis. The trucks listed below have been built and used by us and are available to purchase. For more information on our used trucks for sale, please contact or call 1-844-5 BIGADS (844-524-4237).

2014 with approx. 97,000 miles: $32,000
2017 with approx. 12,000 miles: $46,000
2018 with approx. 11,000 miles: $48,500
2018 with approx. 8,500 miles: $51,000

All used trucks will have new lights, paint, full tune up, etc. and will include 2 banners with your design. *Delivery not included but we can deliver for an extra charge anywhere within the United States.

NEW 2018 Mobile Billboard truck $68,000.00 plus tags, tax, title.  Includes the first set of banners and delivery up to a 500 mile radius of area code 27023.