This new and exciting billboard option is a mobile advertising truck

Mobile Advertising Truck vs. Traditional Billboard Advertising

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Everyone knows what a billboard is. You see them every day as you drive to and from work or doing errands. They have been around for a long time and have had some success in reaching new customers and clientele. There is something new on the road that is causing quite a new movement away from traditional billboards. This new and exciting billboard option is a mobile advertising truck. This way of advertising puts your business on engaging, eye catching, and exciting imagines that are then placed on a truck that drives around to key target areas. Below is a comparison of a mobile advertising truck and traditional billboard advertising.

  • Target audience – A mobile advertising truck is able to go to and seek out your target audience. A traditional billboard is stationary and cannot target a specific audience or person.
  • Long term and short term – A traditional billboard is typically rented for a 4-week period or longer. A mobile advertising truck can be rented, or the billboards can be purchased for use year after year.
  • Designs – You can easily order new signs for your mobile advertising truck. Once you purchase a traditional billboard you are unable to change it until you re-rent it.
  • Visually – A mobile advertising truck is new and exciting. It is eye catching and visually stimulating. A traditional billboard can become boring after you see it the first time.

Here at Ad Runner, we feel strongly that you will love using a mobile advertising truck. There are many benefits of this type of advertising over traditional billboards.