Mobile Advertising Trucks

The ways you can use mobile advertising trucks is practically unlimited.

Mobile Advertising Trucks

There are many ways to utilize mobile advertising trucks with even a few personal reasons to consider this unique and effective way to get your message to those you want to see it. Here at Ad Runner, our mobile billboards are used for many corporate purposes, but also for personal statements, picketing, political advertising, and event notifications. Here are a few ideas on ways to utilize our mobile advertising trucks:

  • Promotion – Do you have a new product or service you want to tell your customers about? How about an upcoming sale or a desire to boost holiday shopping? Our mobile advertising trucks are very useful for sales and promotions.
  • Top of Mind Awareness – If your goal is to improve market share so that you are the first company that comes to mind in your industry, mobile advertising trucks can accomplish that. Our customized truck route planning makes it easy to keep your name in front of your targeted neighborhoods until they can’t help but remember you. With our GPS tracking, you’ll have proof of performance, too.
  • Support a Cause – If you donate to your favorite charity, they’ll put that money to use and then need more. If you take that money and buy ads on our mobile advertising trucks, you’ve now raised awareness, so more donations can flood in and provide ongoing help for your favorite charity. Of course, we also work directly with charities looking to boost awareness for themselves.
  • Picketing – Do you want to get more people to understand that a problem exists? An ad on our mobile advertising trucks will fit the bill. We’re happy to support real issues and be a part of the solution.

Of course, there are dozens of more ideas on how to use mobile advertising trucks and you’ll be happy to know that the low cost per impression and wide reach of your advertising dollars makes this a great part of any marketing campaign. Call us today to learn more and get started getting the results you desire.

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