We just finished up a week long campaign in Franklin and Nashville, TN.  The client ran an ad against Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn centering the campaign around her office in Franklin.  As always, these types of campaigns do go unnoticed, after all it is hard to miss a 20ft x 10ft banner attacking someone!  All was quiet and peaceful until the second to last day of the campaign when a Franklin sheriff’s deputy threatened to have the truck booted and towed if our driver did not remove the truck from in front of Congresswoman Blackburn’s office.  The driver was parked long enough to take a few photos and then would be on his way but the sheriff deputy insisted that he leave immediately or actions would be taken.   Controversy is part of the job and our drivers know the laws and their rights we expect to be harassed at some point in time during these campaigns.  Our job is to do what we are paid to do by the client, abide by the laws, and be as polite as possible to the many angry people we encounter!  Look at it this way, it makes for cheap entertainment along the way!