During a Presidential election year, businesses all across the country increase sells dramatically.  The advertising business is no exception.  We have a had major spike in the mobile billboard truck for political advertising campaigns already this year.   We have built new trucks to ad to our fleet just to keep up the advertising demand.  Let me first start by saying that Ad Runner does not affiliate with any political party nor do we endorse any of the ads we run.  We are contracted by the campaign committee to run their ads whether it be on a mobile billboard truck, a vehicle wrap, or banners and yard signs.

We have spent the last week or two running trucks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and will be running mobile billboard trucks at the Democratic National Convention next week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  If you are at either of the conventions, be on the look out for the trucks!

Politicians and political committees know that marketing is the BEST method for getting their face and message to the masses.  With an advertising campaign utilizing a mobile billboard truck, you can take that message or ad anywhere.  It can follow you around the country on your campaign trail and everyone will see it.  The same goes with vehicle wraps.  You know you or someone on your committee will be racking up the miles during the election year, so why not wrap the vehicle so it is being exposed to everyone it sees.  Its 24/7 advertising!

This year also means that there is a HUGE opportunity for businesses to “surf the wave” of mass amounts of people gathering in one spot to support (or protest) the candidates.  Many business owners have contracting the mobile billboard trucks to run their business ads in those areas so that it can be seen by hundreds and even thousands of people at one time.  News and media will be there and how awesome would it be to see a mobile billboard truck with your business ad (need I mention that the ad is 10′ x 20′?) in the background of an interview?  That’s what we try to do.  Our drivers strategically place our trucks so that they will be seen on the cameras.  We have even had our trucks as the backdrop for speeches.

Political advertising is a huge source of income for advertising companies during this year and with millions of people following the elections, why not jump on board and advertise with us?DSCN3676