As I mentioned in a previous blog post, an election year brings big business to the advertising business.  We sent a truck to start advertising at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA and it created quite a stir.  We have teamed up with another mobile billboard company to run multiple billboard trucks protesting Hillary Clinton for a client.  On the way to Philadelphia, a man spotted the truck in North Carolina and took a short video which he posted to Facebook.  To date, it has gotten 3,090,515 views!   Once we were in Philly, before the convention even started, the press was all over it.   I am going to post a link below to one of the articles so you can get a glimpse of what went on.  Our driver reported mass crowds cheering for the trucks, people stopping to take photos with the trucks in the background, and some not so happy with the truck and a few “inappropriate” words and gestures being used, and even things being thrown at the trucks.  Regardless, the truck got a lot of attention, which is exactly what the client wanted.  Many loved the ad and many hated the ad.  One day, our driver and his son went into McDonald’s to grab some lunch and the manager refused to serve them and made them leave.  As they were pulling out of the parking lot, an officer pulled them and held them for almost an hour trying to find something to write them a ticket for.  In the end, our diver nor our truck had broken any violations and they were allowed to leave.  Needless to say, the election is heating up and last week was very interesting at the Democratic National Convention.  Our driver and his son made it back home safely and it was an experience they will never forget.


*Disclaimer: Ad Runner does not endorse any of the ads we run nor do we affiliate with any political party.