Banners and Signs: Which Material Should You Choose?

Banners and Signs: Which Material Should You Choose?

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If you are looking to make custom banners and signs for your business, you may be wondering what material is best suited to your needs. Well, the answer to this question can vary widely, and it depends on where and how you are going to use your banners and signs.

Here are some of the most common materials we use in banners and signs:

  • Vinyl: Do you want a long-lasting, durable sign that is perfect for outdoor use, even in challenging weather conditions? Vinyl is waterproof and fade-resistant and will maintain bright colors in the long term.
  • Mesh vinyl: If you are planning on using your banners and signs in windy conditions, mesh vinyl may be your best option because the tiny holes allow air to pass through the sign.
  • Adhesive vinyl: If you don’t want a free-standing banner, consider adhesive vinyl that can be attached to a wall or window. Then you don’t have to worry about a flapping sign or your banner getting blown over in heavy winds.
  • Polyester fabric: This type of material is best suited to indoor uses, but if you are looking for high-resolution printing and graphics, it can be a great option.
  • Canvas: If you are looking for a natural material that can be used indoors, canvas comes in a variety of weights and is versatile.

The right material for your banners and signs depends on whether you plan to use them indoors or outside. All these materials come in different weights and thicknesses and can be fitted with grommets, pole pockets or other customizations to meet your unique needs.