When your political signs go mobile

Advantages of Mobile Political Signs

Amy Boylan Advertising and Printing Blog

When you are running for office or looking to have a certain measure passed on the next election, you need your information out there. With a non-committal public where only a small percentage actually vote let alone become informed on all the ballots and individuals, you need your message out there circulating constantly. Here at Ad Runner, our mobile political signs can help ensure that your message is not just out there, but circulating consistently. There are all sorts of advantages to this type of mobile signage, but here are just a few for you to consider.

  • GPS Location. When your political signs go mobile, they circulate through key demographics on a consistent basis. You can have your political signs viewed not just on people’s lawns, but on their way to school, work or while running errands. The GPS locations allow you to tell the drivers exactly where to go and when, and monitor what times they are in key areas.
  • Effective. Political signs done in the traditional, stand-still format are effective. They get people thinking and they raise name recognition. With a larger, mobile and consistent political sign, the effectiveness can only go up.
  • Customizable. When you have your political signs done with Ad Runner, we are able to customize them so that they are applicable and tailored to each area. This allows you to address key topics that every area wants to know about.

Here at Ad Runner, we want to help you get your message, name and intent out there during voting season. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of mobile political signs, please contact us today.