Mobile billboards are unique and eye catching

Advantages of Advertising on Mobile Billboards

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You’ve probably seen mobile billboards driving around as they have become a popular way to advertise. There are many reasons why you are seeing an increase in mobile billboards. The main reason is because they work! They help to bring customers into your business. They are being used so much because there are so many advantages and benefits to advertising using mobile billboards. Below are some of the top advantages of mobile billboards.

  • Effective – Mobile billboards are twice as effective at reaching people than standard billboards. When you advertise with mobile billboards, you are more effective at reaching new customers.
  • Control – You have a lot more control over how your business is perceived when you use mobile billboards. You are able to change and make improvements to your advertising that you otherwise could not with other advertising options.
  • Eye catching – How many times have you driven past the same sign or billboard and didn’t give it a second thought because you have seen hundreds of other similar advertisements. Mobile billboards are unique and eye catching, which is what you want when you are paying for an advertisement.
  • Recall your message – Consumers are more able to recall your message, business and location when they see your mobile billboard. They are 97% more likely to recall your business with mobile billboards.

We know that your business, big or small, can benefit from advertising using mobile billboards. Give us a call at Ad Runner to discuss your many options.