If you’ve been looking into advertising costs for your business, you are probably aware that using mobile billboards is one of your most cost-effective options.  When compared with TV commercials and online advertisements, mobile billboards are downright affordable! But how can you make sure that your advertisements are really attracting new customers? How can you know that your design is eliciting the reaction you are hoping for from people that view it? Here are 5 effective ways you can use mobile billboards to really reach your target audience:

1.  Brand awareness. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your product or company is just to increase brand awareness among the masses. A great example of this is the Coca Cola Company. Many times, their billboards will simply say, “Coca Cola,” and have a picture of a coke and that’s it. See if you can replicate that idea but with your own brand.

2.  Promote sales or events. You can use mobile billboards to advertise for a one-time sale or event that you may be hosting. Make sure the details are clear and easy to read on the billboard and see how much foot traffic your advertisement can drum up!

3.  Keep it simple. One of the best ways you can attract attention and resonate with customers is by keeping it simple. Choose one great image or a simple message and be clear in what you are trying to communicate. You want your message to be easily readable, even from a distance, and easy to understand in the second it takes to read it. Don’t muddle down your advertisement with busy patterns or confusing text.

4.  Decide where your target audience will be. Knowing where you want the truck to advertise is extremely helpful in planning the driver’s routes and reaching the potential customers you want to reach.

5.  Change your advertising design periodically. Switch it up every couple of months to keep customers coming back and interested in viewing your ad.